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Tip: Get Your Business in Search Results by Blogging

We have all heard about the power of blogging and how it can help your website’s search engine rankings. To many of us, the idea of taking moments away from what we do to sit down at a computer and write can feel unachievable and burdensome. Possibly it is, but we are here to tell you that a small amount of content creation on your website can go a long way toward helping you gain more customers. And it doesn’t have to be terribly complicated either!

Point # 3, titled “Post Valuable Blog Content” from the blog post 12 Insanely Effective Small Business Marketing Ideas says:

It may seem obvious, but one of the best ways to market your brand is to consistently publish valuable, informative, and entertaining content on your website.

We cannot stress this enough! It’s more than about just human eyes, it’s about Google’s “eyes” too. Without attracting search engines first, humans will never see your website in the search results.

The simple truth is: If you don’t write about what you do, or what you sell, on your website… specifically using the terminology that people are searching… why would your website come up when people search for your services or products? Many online marketers like to make blogging and Search Engine Optimization out to be this great mysterious secret. But, in its most basic, yet highly effective formats, it’s really not complicated. It’s really rather intuitive.

For locally-based businesses, it’s not terribly difficult to increase your website’s traffic, to be honest. Write about a project you worked on or the feature of a product you sell. A few sentences up to a few paragraphs will do the job. Be sure to include locality keywords as well as product/service keywords. Optimize your images with the correct file names and descriptions. Do this once a month. It’s worth it! We promise.

And, if you are a small business owner, there is a good chance your competitor is not taking advantage of this powerful tool either. The door is wide open.

Let us know if we can be of assistance by consulting on best practices or by providing search engine optimization writing services. 

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