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Leave GoDaddy Hosting and Save Money

This is a screenshot from an email sent to us by a client who hosts their website and registered their domain through GoDaddy. Why is the biggest hosting company in the world all of a sudden no longer able to include email services with their hosting? Why is the biggest hosting company in the world no longer able to offer exactly what 99.99% of all other hosting companies offer?

Well… they can…. but they would rather take advantage of you for another $4.99 a month.

GoDaddy has a history of this. They draw new clients in with cheap prices and vague claims of great customer service. Then, once you start your initial order, they tack on services and fees that you don’t need. (Their whole website hosting control panel is built to be an upsell tool!) Next, they start taking way all the “free” services they initially offered and try to squeeze you for more.

Don’t let this happen to you!

When we investigate a new client’s GoDaddy account, they are typically overpaying for services from $100 to $300 per year due to GoDaddy’s unscrupulous tactics. In this case, the client would be overpaying $203 per year. GoDaddy knows you are not a website professional and they are more than happy to take advantage of you.

If you’d like us to assess your website hosting account and see if we can help you save, let us know. It’s free. (For real!)

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