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Box Truck Wrap Graphics for Local Retail & Service Store

Companies that offer delivery and in-home service know the value of strong graphic wraps on their trucks and vans. Really, fleet vehicles are great mobile billboards at a relatively low additional cost. As employees drive around Doylestown, Lansdale or Quakertown, for example, there are thousands of potential customers that see the graphics on a box truck or van every week.

The goal, while designing the box truck graphic for Royal Billiard & Recreation, was to use strong graphics that clearly display the type of products the retail store offers. So, using images provided by manufacturers, a room scene with game tables was chosen for one side of the truck and a home bar scene was chosen for the other. Additionally, a list of many of the product categories the game room store carries was added along the bottom. Its placement is no coincidence as it’s right at window-height for many vehicles when sitting in traffic. To finish off the side, the logo was added along with contact info and Royal Billiard & Recreation’s slogan, “We Sell Fun!”.

The rear door graphics for the truck features a 9 ball sitting in a prominent spot. What better way to get the attention of a pool fan? Also included is the logo, contact info and list of products offered. The unique feature here is the info about servicing and buying used pool tables. The info is placed in a great spot to be seen by people driving behind the truck.

Finally, to finish off the front panel of the truck, we chose to go in a little different direction. By placing “Delivering Family Fun!” and a little truck with a logo that will be seen by oncoming traffic and receiving deliveries, we hope to create a small level of intrigue.

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