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Pay-per-Click Advertising

If it’s your goal to increase your reach on search engines and social media customers, our pay-per-click marketing expert can create a campaign that will provide you with a positive return on investment. Promote your products, services or even an upcoming event to the correct demographic.

Effective campaigns are possible at a cost that maybe be more affordable than you think. And, best of all, most types of ads will be shown to people who may not know your business, on Facebook, Instagram and across the web, resulting in greater brand awareness and sales.

Social Media Report 3
Social Media Report 3
Social Media Report 3

Comprehensive Analytics

With your Facebook & Instagram Advertising Campaign, and a retainer agreement with pixelMIGHT, you’ll receive regular reports of how your ads are performing and adjustments to optimize your conversion versus cost rate as data is collected. It’s our goal to help your business grow, while working within your budget.