Located in Souderton, PA

Commercial Photography

You and your business’s team are great at what you do! But how do you show that to your next potential client? With photographs that tell your company’s story, of course! Whether your work is a hands-on service or takes place in an office environment, photos of your team doing their thing, at work, can help you close your next deal.

When you have our photographer create service and at-work photographs for your small to medium business, we visit your office, or go out to your jobsite, to capture real people doing real, productive tasks. Don’t get stuck promoting your service offerings with cheesy stock photos!

Commercial Property Photography

Whether you’d like to show off the uniqueness of your business’s building or help your next customer recognize your location, commercial property photography may be right for you! We also offer real estate photography for upscale housing communities.

When you hire our photographer to photograph your business location, you can be sure that we’ll create images that have impact. For exteriors, we make sure we work on your project when the light is right, and sometimes make multiple visits so you have a variety of appearance to choose from.

Product Photography

Quality photos of your products are essential to your sales! Our product photographers, based in Souderton, PA, specialize in creating images for manufacturers and retailers in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. The results are product images that are perfect for your website, online store, brochure or even a billboard!

With every product photography project, we photograph your products in a style befitting your brand and the intended use of the images. So, depending on your needs, we can provide photos of your products on a white background, in a table display setting or with models in a lifestyle scene. We discuss how you’d like to have your products photographed as the very first step of the project. If you have a specific requirement for your photos, be sure to let us know!

Headshot Photography

A great headshot photograph is an important part of your self-brand. If you offer professional services your headshot can be a great way to establish the first point of recognition for a new client. Also, if you are an entertainer or actor, a professional headshot is essential to your growing career.

pixelMIGHT offers headshot photography in our Souderton, PA studio, your business’s location and outdoors.