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Improvements to Personal Trainer’s Website for Better Usability

In December of 2020 the owner of Limitless Training, Amanda, reached out to pixelMIGHT for assistance with her personal trainer website.  A small and unique business, Limitless Training brings fitness sessions to their client’s home or office. They also offer online and virtual training.

Amanda’s team is strong and fit! But the Limitless Training website was in poor shape. It was not easy to navigate and it was difficult to choose training package options. It also did not display well on most computers and phones.

As with all small businesses, there is is always a budget to consider. So, pixelMIGHT and Limitless Training determined a monthly retainer agreement that met Amanda’s budget and allowed for meaningful improvements to the website over time.

First, we updated the website design to improve layout and usability across all devices, all while respecting the Limitless Training branding already in place. We also integrated a secure payment system (PayPal and Stripe).

Next, we built a feature into the website that allows clients to sign up for payment plans upon selecting a fitness package. This allows for their credit cards to be automatically billed per an agreed upon installment plan. Surprisingly, this type of payment structure differs from a subscription because, unlike a subscription that continues indefinitely until it is cancelled, personal training packages have varying fees and a set end date. The payment plan program saves time and money for Limitless Training because there is now less paperwork to do and less time and energy spent hunting down payments from clients.

Next, we developed an online contract form that automatically gets populated with the terms of the package a personal training client chooses. Another time saving integration, the contract pops up on the screen as soon as a successful payment is made and requests an online signature. Once signed, the contract gets automatically emailed to Limitless Training and the client.

Throughout the process, we also enhanced the training package detail pages that were originally just generic WooCommerce pages with very little information. To the newly designed product pages, we added lots of content, including descriptive text, videos, images, an Instagram feed and testimonials. This has significantly increased buyer confidence and the pages, due to planned search engine optimization, now rank better on Google.

Another important improvement pixelMIGHT made for Limitless Training was switching their email from a regular gmail.com address to an address that is associated with their domain name. Not only does a domain email appear to be more professional, it increases email deliverability and they now reach more clients on a regular basis.

Additionally, MailChimp, an email newsletter service, was integrated into the website. This allows for automated emails to be sent to clients. For example, an email is now automatically sent to new clients that directs them to a medical history form. This information is then stored in a database, eliminating the need for paper and files. Automated birthday messages are also sent to clients, reminding them to stay healthy.

Limitless Training and pixelMIGHT are continuously planning ways to improve the website’s usability and for more ways to gain and retain clients. It’s an ongoing process that has had a major positive impact on this small personal training business, and will continue to be part of their growth.

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