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Product Photography of a Custom Bar for Retail Store

Social Media Report 3

This image was created for Royal Billiard & Recreation in Hatfield, PA. While small vignettes to display product can look great in showrooms, it doesn’t always translate well to photography for websites, brochures and social media. That’s where a product photographer with Photoshop skills can help.

To achieve the end image, I first photographed the bar and wall in the showroom. I used one small strobe with a pass through umbrella to light the front of the bar and to make sure there was good detail in the shadows.

Once I had a good image, I painstakingly cut the bar and decor out of the background to create a “silhouette”. This takes zooming in and slowly erasing the wall around all the nooks and crannies of the bar details and shapes of the lights, pictures, etc.

Then, I found a stock photo of a room that I wanted to place the bar in.

Once the bar was placed into the room scene, in Photoshop, it takes some work to make sure it actually looks like it is in that room. Time must be spent “twisting and contorting” the image and the background in order to make their perspectives match. The color temperature of the two images must than be matched. Lastly, shadows need to be added to make it as real as possible.

If you need good images to help you sell your products, large or small, let’s talk. I’d be glad to discuss options with you.

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