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Update of Interior Designer’s Website to Modern WordPress

Miriam Ansell Interiors is one of pixelMIGHT’s longest standing clients. As a matter of fact, our lead marketer, Josh, started working with, as he calls her, Mir, since even before incorporating pixelMIGHT! Now, after all of these years, we had the opportunity to update Miriam’s website to modern standards!

We won’t disclose Miriam’s age (you ask her!), but let’s just say she has been creating beautiful interior designs longer than many of us have been on this earth… and her previous website was older than some of the new designers coming into the industry! So, let’s just say that it was just time (way past!) to rebuild and update the Miriam Ansell Interiors website.

During this website update, we used the content that was on the original website and added a few newer projects. We also largely kept the design the same, to keep with the look that Miriam prefers. Really, all we did is take her old website that was built with out-of-date code and move it into a new WordPress installation that meets modern day web standards and is responsive to screen sizes. And we did this all for a very reasonable fee! Take a look:

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